10 habits that are responsible for faster aging, and we are not aware at all that they have such effect


We make them every day, some are natural to us and some we learn about, but all these habits have something in common – because of them we look older and get wrinkles faster.

1. Too watch TV


One study found that for every hour you spend watching television may shorten your life by 22 minutes. Regardless of whether you are sitting or lying down, you should walk every half hour to stretch.

2. We eat low-calorie foods


For our skin to look healthy and taut, she needs omega 3 fatty acids. The low calorie food lacks omega 3 fatty acids, writes portal “Bright Side”.

3. We drink from a straw


The form the mouth needs to do in order to drink from a straw promotes wrinkles around the lips. The same goes for cigarette smoking.

4. We sleep on the side


When our head is pressed to the pillow, wrinkles are easily created on the face. Sleeping on your back causes the least wrinkles.

5. We keep the body in a bad position


If improperly sit and stand, our spine is changing, therefore the muscles and bones become strained. The result is pain and fatigue, and may appear permanent deformities as well.

6. We put creams for sunscreen only on vacation


Exposure to UV rays is most responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, and most people put protective creams only on vacation.

7. We increase the heating too much


Exaggerate heating leads to excessive drying of the air, which leads to drying of the skin and hair and appearance of wrinkles.

8. We avoid eating sweet


If that’s what makes you happy, better be happy than stressing about it. Of course, you should avoid excessive intake of sugar.

9. We don’t sleep enough


Adults should sleep at least seven hours a night. Lack of sleep affects the way we think, what we are with others and what we eat. If we have don’t sleep enough we are more prone to eating sweets and unhealthy food and we are often anxious.

10. We are too exposed to stress


Chronic stress damages the body’s cells and accelerates aging. Try to get rid of everything you can today to reduce pressure.