You Won’t Buy Tangerines Ever Again: Plant Them in a Flowerpot and You Will Always Have Hundreds of Them!

Without doubt, tangerine is among the most popular and tasty citric fruit due to its lovely scent and exquisite flavor. Furthermore, tangerines supply many health benefits-they improve the function of the immune system, eradicate swellings, encourage appropriate functioning of the lungs, and so on.


Nevertheless, a great deal of the tangerines sold on the markets are sprayed with pesticides. So, what can one do and continue eating tangerines, but without the pesticides? An excellent option is to grow your very own tangerines in your home! Yes, you’ve heard right. In your home. And, what’s more, you can do that in flowerpots. Incredible, right?

If you wish to have an endless supply of tangerines at hand, take an appearance at the following procedure:


  • Medium-sized flowerpot with drain holes
  • Little stones
  • Organic soil
  • A bit of sand

Initially, put the stones on the bottom of the flowerpot then spray the soil. Add a little sand for better ventilation. Then, position the tangerine seeds and cover them with the soil, however do not press them into it. At the end, put the pot in a sunny area.

From time to time, sprinkle the soil with some fertilizer abundant in zinc, iron, and magnesium. And, when you notice that the soil is dry, water it. Likewise, keep in mind to cut the dry and damaged branches. The only thing which remains is to wait for the fruits and collect them.

Enjoy in your healthy, organic tangerines!