WI-FI: The Invisible Danger That’s Slowly Destroying Our Health!

Living in the 21st century, we can hardly avoid wi-fi radiation. In fact we are surrounded by wi-fi signals everywhere we go – at work, in restaurants, even at our very own homes. Although wireless technology makes our lives much easier, it’s still not completely safe for our health.



The most important question we are trying to answer here is whether Wi-Fi radiation poses a health threat. As you already know, wireless devices, including laptops, tablets, phones etc. use routers in order to connect online. The router emits electromagnetic waves or better known as WLAN signals, that can be very harmful. The truth is that we ignore this fact because we have very little or no knowledge about its side effects. But the real truth is that these signals can be really harmful. A recent study, conducted by group of experts at the British Health Agency, has discovered that routers have a bad effect on the growth of plants and people.

This is what Wi-Fi exposure brings:

– Continuous strong headaches
– Chronic fatigue
– Sleeping problems
– Ear pain
– Difficulties to stay concentrated

Unfortunately, we cannot live without the modern technology. Thus, there are a few tricks and tips on how to protect your family from the dangerous signals. You can use the router safely and decrease the possible damage that comes from it.

How to protect children from electromagnetic waves

– Power off your Wi-Fi when not using it
– Disconnect all Wi-Fi devices before bedtime
– Don’t set the router in your kitchen or bedroom
– Switch your home wireless phones for cable ones.