Salt and oil: medicinal mixture … After its application, you will not feel pain for several years!

This amazing natural remedy will not only soothe and eliminate pain caused by osteoporosis, but it will also lower the frequency of experiencing pain in the next few years.


This is actually a massage mixture made from unprocessed vegetable oil and salt (preferably sea salt). This healing combination is made at one and will last for the entire treatment. In order to prepare this mixture you will need to take ten tablespoons of salt and twenty tablespoons of olive oil (feel free to use sunflower oil instead). Now let’s see what this remedy is all about.


– 20 tbsp of olive or sunflower oil
– 10 tbsp of salt


Mix the oil and the salt in a glass bottle, close it and leave it for a few days. Afterwards, you will get a light mixture.


You should so this massage every morning. Rub the mixture with a vigorous massage, on the cervical vertebrae in sore places. Massage 2-3 minutes at the beginning. After the end of the massage, wipe the neck with a wet and warm towel.

Every day, increase the massage duration for another 2-3 minutes, in the event to have 20 minutes for the whole massaging time.

This treatment can cause minor skin irritation. That’s why you should wipe the skin with dry cloth and apply baby powder on the area.

With 10-day long treatment the cartilage and bone tissue is regenerated as well as the blood circulation is stimulated and the muscle tissue is improved.

Also headaches disappear, the vision improves and it improves the blood flow in the cervical spine as well. This happens due to toxin discharge and because of that the metabolism is normalized.

While the treatment lasts you can feel drowsiness or dizziness but it is not something which happens often. There are no other side-effects from this treatment and the results are amazing.