How the “ordinary women” look after they wear the tights for body shape of Kim?

“Sometimes I wear two pairs of tights for body shaping, over each other, especially when I feel heavier,” Kim recently admitted.

Then why any woman would not have tried her trick?

A woman accepted the challenge.


Tights for shaping are relatively cheap ($ 28 dollars from the collection of Spanx), so she bought two pairs.

Curiosity of how will look the body of any “ordinary, average” woman ended with an incredibly stunning results.


Tight dress suits like is dressed on two different bodies:

“When I dressed the first pair, I felt smoother body. I liked it. But when I dressed the second pair it was a completely different story. Not only everything on me was twice more firmly, but I felt like I have a brand new body. The tights even improved my posture. “