Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately!

Doctors advise you to quit giving your children hot dogs! Hot dogs are the favorite food of millions of people, especially in America where they are all around us and are even sold at sporting events and festivals.

Research has shown that that on the 4th of July alone every year, Americans consume more than 155 million hot dogs. That is a rather scary number.

Hot Dogs

Doctors have advised parents to stop giving their children hot dogs, and there are numerous reasons why.

But, according to one new research, the kids who eat more than a dozen hot dogs in a month are 9 times more likely to get leukemia.

Also, the pregnant women who consume 1 hot dog in a week are more likely to have a kid who will get a brain tumor.

Also, the father who usually consumed hot dogs before conceiving a kid, imparts a high possibility of cancer to his kid too.

What is the problem?

Nitrites and nitrates are used as preservatives in cured meats such as bacon, salami, sausages and hot dogs. Nitrites, which can form from nitrates, react with naturally occurring components of protein called amines. This reaction can form nitrosamines, which are known cancer-causing compounds. Nitrosamines can form in nitrite or nitrate-treated meat or in the digestive tract.

Therefore, if hot dogs are just your favorite food and you cannot completely avoid them, you should definitely limit the portions or use only nitrite-free meats.