6 Quick and natural ways to get rid of the smell of cigarettes in your home and clothes

Smoking indoors leaves an unpleasant smell which seeps into our clothes, curtains, even the gasket area. In order to solve the odor caused by this bad habit or at least alleviate, try a few simple tricks that really work.


1. Coffee or coal

Except for the preparation of the favorite drink, coffee can serve as cleaner for the unpleasant smell of cigarettes. In several containers pour a bit of ground coffee or put a few pieces of charcoal and place them in the room where the smoke is. If you have children or pets put the bowl to a higher place. Coal and ground coffee leak and neutralize unpleasant smell.

2. Perfume Lamp

Spread a little of your favorite perfume on a cold bulb. When you light, the light bulb will warm in the room and will spread a pleasant smell that will at least partially cover up the smoke and the smell of cigarettes.

3. Natural scented bags for the panel (eg. Lavender)

Do you notice that your accessories like gloves, hat or scarf may have acquired the smell of cigarettes, and plan to wear them the next day? Let them one hour of outdoor and let them to be aired, and then place them to stay overnight in a plastic bag along with the odorant bag rack.

4. Sand for cats

Put a little ashtray in plain or flavored sand for cats. He will fully neutralize the unpleasant smell from cigarettes and you will clean theashtray easily.

5. Baking soda

At night, before bed put baking soda on the carpet seating furniture and the edges of the room in which has been smoking. The next morning only clean with a vacuum cleaner.

6. Towel and vinegar

The best means to neutralize the smell is definitely vinegar, and you can find it in every kitchen. The surfaces of the wood staff in the house sprinkle with a mixture of vinegar with warm water, then wipe them with cotton cloth. The upholstery is a little more complicated to clean up, but if you have more free time, you can use the same technique.