For Two Months They Have Been Drinking One Glass Of Tomato Juice: The Results Surprised Scientists

“When you say tomato, we think of superfoods, “say scientists from prestigious medical institutions. In order to check why, experts from the University of Taiwan had decided carry out an experiment.

They gathered women of varying age, weight and origin and gave them to drink one cup (250 ml) tomato juice every day for two months.

Tomato Juice

The quickest and most notable change was their significant weight loss, and, according to the experts, this wasn’t eliminated liquids only, but fat deposits as well. Moreover, the women made no changes in their nutrition or physical activity. Blood tests were made at the beginning and end of the research.

„A significant lower level of cholesterol was noticed, but the lycopene was increased – that’s an antioxidant from the tomatoes which has many benefits for the health”, scientists say.

The experiment also showed that one glass of tomato juice a day strengthens the immunity, prevents from heart diseases, but also decreases the risk from cancer development! Besides that, this refreshing beverage helps in digestion problems, stimulates the excretion of liquids, protects the health and prevents urinary bladder diseases, as well as pancreas, liver and lung diseases.

Tomato juice is excellent for the skin and contributes towards having a shiny complexion and it also significantly decreases cough, prevents anemia, alleviates rheumatic symptoms and improves the blood count.

If you’ve exercised too much, drink some tomato juice and the difficulties will disappear and it’s also an excellent natural cure for muscle cramps, because it’s extremely rich in magnesium – it contains even 11 mg on 100 grams. Also, it contains potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamin C, and vegetable proteins.

If you decide to buy tomato juice, always opt for the organic version. However, the best option is to make your own tomato juice. You’ll need 6 kg of tomatoes, 4 spoons of sugar, and 2 spoons of salt. First, wash the tomatoes with cold water, then cut them into small pieces and ground them. Afterwards, add the salt and sugar and put the content to boil.

After it boils, cook for 10 more minutes and stir all the time. The hot, cooked tomato juice should be put into a sterilized glass bottle and closed tightly. When cooled, store the bottles in a cool place. This homemade tomato juice will undoubtedly change the way you look and feel.

Nevertheless, if you opt for buying your tomato juice, make sure it is organic, as the effects won’t be full.