Strawberry: Healthy Ingredients!

The red delicacy laughs offers one of the healthiest pleasures of summer. Strawberries consist 90 percent of water and supply astonishingly low nutritional value of 32 kilocalories per 100 grams of vitamins and minerals.


Are strawberries healthy?

Strawberries taste simply delicious and are an ideal “Slim fruit”. This is of course only as long as they are not immersed in whipped cream or sugar. To enjoy in strawberries consume it with a sauce of yogurt or sweetened with a little honey.. Then strawberries are not only a great pleasure but also a valuable contribution to healthy nutrition.

Strawberries contain more defensive fortifying vitamin C than oranges. Nutrition experts put them because of their high content of folic acid and iron since time immemorial against anemia. The high calcium content protects the bones against osteoporosis, potassium and magnesium can protect the heart. In addition, strawberries contain salicylic acid, relieves the symptoms of gout and rheumatism. Phytonutrients from the group of phenolic acids protect against cancer and help prevent arteriosclerosis.

Shelf life of sstrawberries

Because of their high water content strawberries are pressure-sensitive, perishable and quickly lose their flavor. Therefore, caution is paramount during transport and storage. Locker spread to keep undamaged fruits one or two days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

To wash dipping the whole berries briefly in cold water and dab it dry carefully. In order not to dilute the flavor it is recommended to remove stems and leaves after washing. Fresh strawberries not only taste better, they are also healthier. The vitamins and phytochemicals contained in it suffer from long transport times. Therefore, should prefer strawberries from local regions.

Strawberry: Ingredients of a Portion

Ingredients of a large portion of strawberries (250 grams) at a glance:

  • 80 kilocalories
  • 1 g fat
  • 40 micrograms of folic acid
  • 162.6 milligrams of vitamin C
  • 62.6 milligrams of calcium
  • 37.6 milligrams of magnesium
  • 362.5 milligrams potassium