Stick Out Your Tongue. Do You See Wavy Edges? You Better Know This Before You Wake Up In The ER!

1. White coating


Call your doctor immediately. Oral thrush, a yeast infection in your mouth, is presented as a white coating. Individuals with weak immune systems are at risk of this or if you smoke, white coating could be a cancer warning sign.

2. Lesions or sores


Stress or cancer could cause sores or lesions on your tongue, so you’d better consult soon to find out. Especially if they last over two weeks.

3. Brown or black coatinge9b1b8bc76fcd9a4d731dd7cab8c478a.600x

For this kind of tongue the poor dental hygiene is usually to blame, but this kind of tongue may also appear in people with diabetes. Chemotherapy patients or those on antibiotics might also get a brown coating. Brush and floss frequently to prevent bacteria growth.

4. Wavy


This can be a sign of thyroid disorder. Contact your doctor ASAP!

5. Cracked or Fissured


If you’ve got cracks in your tongue, you might have an autoimmune disorder. Sometimes it’s nothing and just appears when you’re younger. Ask your dentist about fissures if you’re concerned.

6. Red and swollen


Does your tongue look like a slab of beef? This is usually a sign of vitamin deficiencies caused by an imbalanced diet. You might be lacking Vitamin B-12 or folic acid. Eat more leafy greens to get your health back in shape and your tongue looking better.

7. Pink and smooth


And finally, if your tongue is pink and smooth you’re healthy! But, if your tongue is too smooth, you might be vitamin deficient. It should be a bit bumpy.