Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Your Memory By 75%

We all have our favorite natural scents, but what if one of them could help us remember. That is exactly what researchers have found out when it comes to rosemary.

Due to its relation to improved memory, Greek students have put this herb on their heads during exams, and there is also a reference to this herb and its amazing power to boost memory in Hamlet as well.

One study examined the effects of rosemary and participants were given rosemary essential oil every day. What researchers found was incredible- they had 60 to 75 percent higher chances of remembering things in comparison to those who did not use the essential oil.


Research has shown that this herb also contains carnosic acid which destroys the toxins which damage the brain. Also, it has natural compounds which provide protein to the brain, thus supporting its decision-making abilities.

This amazing natural herb helps to break down acetylcholine, which induces cells which are responsible for memory.

Blood was taken from volunteers and analysed to see if performance levels and changes in mood following exposure to the rosemary aroma were related to concentrations of a compound known as 1,8-cineole present in the blood.

The compound is also found in the essential oil of rosemary and has previously been shown to act on the biochemical systems that underpin memory.

The results showed that participants in the rosemary-scented room performed better on the prospective memory tasks than the participants in the room with no scent.

This was the case for remembering events, remembering to complete tasks at particular times, and the speed of recall.

The results from the blood analysis found that significantly greater amounts of 1,8-cineole were present in the plasma of those in the rosemary scented room, suggesting that sniffing the aroma led to higher concentrations.

Previous research suggests volatile molecules from essential oils can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the nose.

The chemicals also stimulate the olfactory nerve in the nose directly, which could have effects on brain functioning.

One is for sure, natural remedies have numerous advantages, and one of them is the fact that they do not cause side-effects like commercial medications, so you can freely try them out.