Recipe that does wonders: Before going to bed put this under the tongue and in the morning you will be like new!

It is a mixture of honey and pink Himalayan salt that before going to bed is placed under the tongue. This salt is very special, it helps the body to become alkaline and more successfully combat various diseases.

It also helps in the regulation of serotonin, which is very important in the fight against depression. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter chemical that regulates muscle contractions, regulating body temperature, appetite and pain, and manages both our behavior, blood pressure and respiration.


When the balance of serotonin in the body is disturbed it comes to depression and other behavioral disorders, such as sleep disorder.

This hormone is also called hormone of sleep. He controls our biological clock and enhanced is secreted in the evening and at night. With the arrival of the morning, melatonin production decreases and we wake up.

Moreover, melatonin protects our body from free radicals and cardiovascular disease, slows aging because it rejuvenates the cells and reduces the chance of developing diseases related to old age. Otherwise, as we age, our body secretes it less and less and that is why children sleep more, and adults less.

Recipe for the mixture of honey and Himalayan salt

Mix five teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of salt and put it in a jar. Every night before going to bed put a little of the mixture under the tongue.