Proven best (and simplest) way to lose weight!

Regardless of which diet you hold or what method of weight loss you have chosen, a golden rule guarantees weight loss, and it is scientifically proven.

If we want to lose weight we have to stick to certain rules, but a study conducted by the institution American Academy of Pediatrics have shown that a golden rule ensures successful weight loss.


The recipe is very simple: stop talking about how much weight you have and how much you need to lose weight and you will really lose weight. Scientists concluded that conducting talks on weight and diet is the quickest way to sabotage your own body image and attitude towards food.

Experts say this approach to weight loss is associated with our growth and what we have heard about food and weight from our parents.

“If parents were too burdened by their own weight or warn the child to keep an eye on the number on the scale, children are more likely to adopt unhealthy methods of weight loss. The habits that we have acquired in childhood do not disappear just like that when we grow up, “states the study.

But if you really can not avoid talk about weight loss, it is better in the conversation to focus on healthy habits such as proper nutrition, without mentioning weight. So when we want to lose weight, we should primarily focus on feel better, better nutrition and exercise than to achieve a certain number of kilograms.