Just Use These 2 Ingredients To Empty All Deposits of Fat and Parasites Of Your Body Without Effort

According to many experts, the stored energy is just body fat. Therefore, in order to use it effectively and burn fat deposits, you have to follow a strict diet.

However, the fat burning process is also affected by other energy reserves, namely, glycogen and protein. In order to alter the way your body utilizes fats, you have to change the way it utilizes the energy deposits.


But if you have too frequent cravings and you are not satisfied after consuming something sweet, it could indicate that you have bowel parasites or you are under too much stress. If you have high intake of sweets, you will create a perfect environment for spreading of the parasites. This environment enables proliferation of bacteria and fungi. So your frequent cravings appear because of these hazardous creatures.


– 10 grams of dried cloves
– 100 grams of linseed


With the help of a grinder, grind both ingredients into a powder. You should take two tablespoons of this mixture in the morning three days in a row, you can mix it with water or with breakfast.

The ideal way is to take it for 3 days rest 3 and resume consumption by 3 days, so on. After a month has passed, you’ll notice the difference. This cleaning will help keep pests out of your body. Note that you should consume the essential minerals and vitamins daily, in order to get the needed energy for the day.

Therefore, an adequate intake gives us that feeling of vitality and desire to participate in various activities and exercise.