How to find out if the cosmetics you purchase are an original or a copy?

As is the case with many products, such as perfumes and handbags and cosmetics may be false.


But how can you tell whether the cosmetics you purchase a copy or original?

1. First, do not buy cosmetics from the store that no reputation


2. good look at the design of packaging …

You will notice that not the same as the original that you have previously purchased. Or if you first buy it, visit the brand and look good as should look packaging.2

3. See the bar code

The bar code on the package must correspond to that of the product. Also usually have original content explained and translated into several languages.3

4. Check the color

Manufacturers who want to make a copy of looking for ways to change color or to give their new names. Check out the official website if they are afraid.4

5. The texture and smell

For example, mascara if a copy can smell very different, stronger and more uncomfortable than the original. Carmine contain lumps and powders have smooth texture.5

6. The brushes can fake

The brushes that come with the package, also may not be original, but it’s easy to notice at how detailed and carefully crafted.6

7. Check the site

Look tester and see how to apply. Smooth and fast? Then it’s original. Otherwise, the copy will not look nice on the skin.7