Why Do Doctors Keep This Simple Recipe Away From The Public? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Bunions Completely Natural!

Most of people have problems with bunions, which si a very common issue which usually affects women more than men. For those who don’t know, bunions are salt deposits which happen due to angina, influenza, gout, bad metabolism, rheumatic infections, poor diet and long wearing uncomfortable shoes.

People who have bunions have enormous trouble to be found relevant footwear.


Surgery is stressful and only a temporary solution. But traditional medicine has an efficient way to solve this problem. This remedy will flush out the salt deposits and restore your feet to their normal state.

Bay Leaf Tea

It is very simple, just add a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves in 10oz/300ml of water. Cook it for 5 minutes then pour it in a thermos. Let it stay overnight. Strain the liquid first thing in the morning. Drink it in small sips throughout the day. It’s important not to drink it all at once. Do this treatment for 7 days, but make sure you always prepare it fresh. Repeat the treatment after a week.

Do not be surprised by frequent urination, it is a good sign. Thus we learn that the body began to dissolve the salt.

The result will be visible after 10 days and your bunions will completely disappear if you take the bay leaf remedy for 2 months.