Dear Ladies: Please Stop Doing the Things That Your Intimate Parts Hate!

Proper care of your intimate areas is extremely important to prevent the entry of bacteria. There are a number of products on the market that claim to improve health and stop the smell of women’s intimate areas.


This article will show you what you’re doing wrong with your vagina and how to keep it healthy.

– Mating
The process involves sitting in a chair while smoking a bowl of tea from wormwood in combination with other herbs. The idea is the Chinese practice of entering steam in the body, cleanses the intimate area and uterus, and held the infection away.

– Rinse
The vulva secretes oils that protect your vagina, and when you scrub them off with harsh cleaners, it becomes more prone to irritation. You will also eliminate the good bacteria that protects the vagina and maintains a healthy pH level. Clean your vagina with warm water and use only your hands, avoiding any chemical-laden feminine hygiene products.

– Fragrant soaps and detergents
Many women, especially teenage girls, have experienced irritation caused by soap. Chemicals gives soap can irritate sensitive skin. In addition, the soap is designed to break up the oil that protect the skin and can cause skin dryness. Always use only hot water when showering.

Take care of your intimate area and do not forget these tips!