Victory! World’s Largest Spice Company To Go Organic & Non-GMO By 2016

Organic and non-GMO products have really taken over mainstream market trends.

Last year, American spice giant McCormick announced that 80% of its herbs and spices sold in the US will be organic and non-GMO by September 2016.


As noted by Food Dive, many of the company’s herbs and spices are already non-GMO, but the increased transparency is expected to be a selling point for many consumers as it has been for products that have become Non-GMO Project Verified.

As consumers become more and more health conscious and look for organic, healthy and free-from foods, companies will either have to diversify their products or risk losing business.

With McCormick & Company beginning to expand its organic offering, they’ll now be in direct competition with brands such as Simply Organic, Spicely and Frontier Co-op.

McCormick’s announcement comes just in time for the holiday season where consumers will be buying herbs, spices, and other ingredients to make their favorite recipes.

Customers can also purchase McCormick’s Non-GMO labeled Vanilla Extract and can expect to see McCormick’s new offerings roll out throughout 2016.

It is truly great to see one of the world’s largest corporations get with the times and provide its customers with quality organic products.