Use this Incredible Healthy Dish and you Will Not be Seek in the Next 5 Years

Today we are going to show you a recipe that can alter your life and help you in having a terrific immune system and reject all the diseases.

This recipe is simple to make is a recipe our grannies were using and is time we put it back in practice.

This recipe as its main component utilizes garlic which we understand is among the most health beneficial. Garlic is abundant with alicin which has powerful antimicrobial and medicinal properties.

This remedy has revealed that is extremely efficient as a treatment for lung illness, atherosclerosis, sinus problems, arthritis, hypertension, rheumatism, piles, impotence and gastritis. But not just this, it will help you enhance your metabolism, hearing and vision and promote weight-loss.



– 350 grams of garlic,
– 200 ml rum

You can likewise opt to mix it with alcohol (95% strong) but please ensure it does not contain benzalkonium chloride or methanol.


First peel the garlic then mash and make certain you mash them entirely extremely well. Put the rum (alcohol) in the mix and together put it in a glass container. The mixture ought to remain in the jar for 10 days and strain it after that. Then leave the container in the fridge for two weeks. After this period the mixture is ready to be used.

Ways to use it:

For much better outcomes we recommend that you consume this previous to your meals. You must drink this remedy for 12 days to feel the complete advantages of it. To take in more easily you can mix it with water, we recommend you use it in this way: add one drop in a glass of water (space temperature) prior to breakfast, add two drops prior to lunch and add 3 drops prior to dinner. Following this dosage you will take the most of the solution.