See what happens to your skin if you exercise with a makeup!

Already January comes to an end, and many are considering to start a physical activity as soon as possible to come to the desired line. However, it is often forgotten that the gym is not the place for a glamorous look, so often happens to see girls with a makeup in the gym.


Before you decide to exercise with makeup, it is important to know how it will affect your skin.

We all know that during the exercise we sweat. However, when we train with makeup on the face, the sweat of all artificial ingredients contained by the makeup “locks” in our pores, so the skin can easily get irritated and will appear acne. In fact, the makeup during the workout literally melts, given that our body is heated. This is especially the case with decorative cosmetics based on oil, including eyeliner and substrate for face.


If you don’t want during your workout to watch your face being without makeup, there are some alternatives that you can try. Experts recommend hydrating cream that will make your skin look shiny and fresh.