After Reading This You Will Know To Choose The Sweetest Watermelon!

1. How it looks like is very important

When you need to choose a watermelon you need to take care of the outside look. You need to search for a hard, symmetrical watermelon which isn’t cracked and dents or soft parts.

Even if there is a smallest damage the watermelon won’t be tasty. The damages are made due the growing period, and for the damage there are a lot of factors.

2. Lift

A ripe watermelon comprises 92% water and 6% sugar, which means that the watermelon should float on the surface if soaked in a bucket of water. As you probably won’t have a bucket of water when you go to the market, it’s best to compare the weights of two watermelons of quite the same size. The one that’s heavier, it’s sweeter.


3. Check the yellow area on the watermelon rind

Turn your watermelon over and check out its bottom, which should have a creamy yellow spot (also called “the ground spot”). This is where the watermelon sat on the ground while it soaked up the sun at the farm. If this spot is white or greenish, your watermelon may have been picked too soon and might not be as ripe as it should be.


The perfect ripe is dark green and matte. Shinier watermelons are usually less lenient.

5. Knocking

You can also use the ‘knocking’ technique to check is ripe or not. This method involves listening to the sound produced. An unripe watermelon will give a deeper tone compared to the ripe one.