Quick test: How to determine if you have enough iodine in the body?

Iodine is the most important element for our body. Excess or lack of iodine influence weight gain, mental health, the functioning of the brain and other organs, generally speaking, the overall condition of the body.

enough iodine

In the lack of iodine in the body thyroid gland increases in an attempt to compensate and make sufficient amounts of this substance.

So it is important to specify the level of iodine in the body on time.

You can do that at home using a simple test.

At night, before bed, apply with swab ear or plain wool on the inside of the arm, 3 lines with ordinary iodine – thin, thick and heaviest.

If in the morning you see traces of the three lines, you should immediately go to a krinolog to make a detailed analysis and prescribe the necessary preparations.

If left only one thick line then you should be more careful the way in which you eat.

The most significant sources are iodined table salt, shells, sea algae and other marine organisms that absorb large amounts of iodine from the sea.

Fresh cheese, especially goat milk, unripe fruits of nuts, dried apricot, garlic and sesame, soy and spinach are also good sources of this substance.

If only the fine line is gone, your health is not in danger.