Only The Most Perceptive People Can Decode This Illusion!

The phenomenon of human vision goes a lot deeper than the eyes. In fact, most of it happens in your brain, where visual stimuli gets processed, untangled and turned into something that makes sense. But that ‘something’ is not always an accurate representation of said stimuli.

Enter pareidolia – the brain’s tendency to jump to the most efficient conclusion regarding seemingly random visual data. It’s why we see faces in clouds. It’s why a bush seems to take on the shape of a wolf when you’re walking through the forest at midnight.

According to its makers, only 1 out 100 people can see the correct image in just a momentary glance. The vast majority either spend too much time staring at the image before it finally dawns on them, or they guess and interpret it all wrong.

Are you among the rare few individuals who are able to immediately spot the correct image in this picture?

Have a look at the following picture and see how long it takes you to decode the image.

Look at this image. What do you see?


It’s a men with cowboy hat. Only 1/100 people are able to see this right away.