Lines Out the Door for Nation’s First Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant!

Breaking the belief that fast food restaurants have to be unhealthy, Amy’s Organic Drive-Thru restaurant opened to lines out the door and 20 minute waits. Members of central California have flocked to Rohnert Park to sample the vegan macaroni and cheese, margherita pizzas and so much more.


As reported by ABC-7 News in the Bay area, the new Amy’s Restaurant has been completely packed with long lines in the dining area and in the drive-thru, and reported wait times of 15-20 minutes.

Others have chimed in on review sites noting that they were excited to see huge crowds with lines going all the way out the door, reminiscent of another chain working to change the food system: Chipotle Mexican Grill, whose popularity is exploding at the same time that McDonald’s is faltering.

“Five days in and they can barely keep up with demand,” reported ABC-7 about Amy’s first week in business.

Supervisor Paul Schiefer was more than pleased with the response.

” Many (have) proved to up and it’s given us a great deal of hope that this is a concept that works.”

Sustainably Grown, GMO-Free and Tasty!

While other quick food dining establishments import essentially all their products from factory farming operations and offer absolutely nothing back to the community, Amy’s actually grows fruit and vegetables on website thanks to its roof-bound garden.

Amy’s, a separately owned natural frozen food company, also reportedly pays workers a living wage with health benefits and is believed to be the first vegetarian quick food dining establishment as well.

Check out a report on the grand opening below and see the menu: