Foods that will keep you healthy this summer!

The intake of quality foods in the body is the key to health of body and balanced diet not only helps to enhance the body, but also to maintain a healthy line.


If you want during the summer days to further strengthen the body you need to eat a few things:

1. Mushrooms = shiny hair

Mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin D, which helps to simulate the growth of hair follicles. Combine into your sandwich, meat or in your salad.

2. Brazil nuts = strong antioxidants

This product is available in most stores for healthy diet and is a good source of selenium, which makes the skin cleaner. But you should be careful not to consume in large quantities.

3. Aloe vera = fed skin

Aloe Vera helps in preventing lipid peroxidation, and thus prevents damage to the skin cells. It is a natural cure for acne, provides hydration and reduces skin irritation after shaving.