The first vaccine against HIV is created: Now its time for tests to begin

This year should start the testing of the new vaccine against HIV in South Africa, writes Sputnik News.

As noted by the Russian portal, preliminary tests for the vaccine called HVTN100 showed quite optimistic results.

Scientists have made the experimental vaccine in Thailand in 2009-th year. Initially it was called RV144, and is the first big success after years of work. One year after testing of the 2009-th, the efficacy of this vaccine was estimated at 60 percent. But after 3.5 years of testing efficiency has dropped to only 31 percent.


The vaccine is modified, and a catalyst was added in order to enhance the immune response of the body. Scientists also modified vaccine to better combat specific types of HIV virus that is endemic to Africa.

In preliminary tests conducted last year were involved 250 people. This year, the vaccine will be tested on 5,400 people in four South African cities, and will continue for three years.

However, scientists warned that the vaccine will not be sufficient to provide protection from the disease, but the intention of the doctors is to work alongside with existing measures, and that means involving prevention, treatment and social intervention.