Clean the kidneys of toxins, stone and sand: Efficient cure of three ingredients!

For six days the stone should come out, and sand for three to four days.
With this incredible recipe for a short period of time you can get rid of kidney stones!

It is a completely natural process, and the recipe ensures success. Just to look out for kidney stones are not very large, because they could cause damage when they start coming out.


This natural remedy works if the stone in the kidney is about the size of a grain of wheat, but is made from three ingredients: 100 ml lemon juice, 100 milliliters of olive oil (extra virgin) and 100 milliliters of beer.

Preparation: Place all ingredients into a bottle, mix well and drink in the morning on an empty stomach 50 milliliters. Before each use, shake the bottle.

Results: In six days the stone should come out, and the sand for three to four days.


Lemon juice must necessarily be from drained lemon (organic) and should pay attention to the size of kidney stone because if greater than 15 mm, this recipe will encourage to get out, and he can do damage with ejection through the narrow ducts. Therefore, it is best before you use this natural remedy to consult your doctor.