How Your Birth Order Shapes Your Personality!

This is how your birth order shapes your personality and how you will act throughout your entire life as a mature adult. What kind of a child were you? The first, the middle or the youngest?

Every parent can see differences between his kids, starting from looks, passions, habits, type of food they like and last but not least, their different personalities. Children tend to act and evolve differently depending on their birth order, and parents need to understand this as soon as possible in order to better understand their children.


What’s more, researchers have found unique characteristics in personalities of first borns, middle borns, last borns, and only children. When the age gap between children is big, they may take on the role of first born, rather than middle or last born.

Adopted children will fill in the role where they are placed inside a family, and that will determine their personality.

So, dear parents, what kind of child were you? Let us know in the comments how you feel about these personality traits for each type of child. Did you experience the same things in your family when growing up? How about now?

Have you ever asked why your sister dependably has her mind in another place, painting pictures and taking walk in nature instead of joining and taking part in the neighborhood group event after school? Have any of your family members ever complained that you are too bossy? If questions like these come up in your family, you are not alone. This happens in all families and birth order plays a major role. The order in which you were born does indeed imprint upon your personality.

For example, first borns are perfectionists who are raised by parents who want to do everything right for their children. As a result of this, first bornes have a good communication with adults when they are still kids. Unfortunately, first borns tend to worry a lot and they want to be in control of things.

Moreover, they are very competitive and high achievers in all areas of life, whether professional, appearances, or school- they are dedicated workers who like to excel and achieve greatness.

Characteristics of First Borns:

– perfectionist
– achiever
– leader
– bossy
– responsible
– motivated
– conscientious
– controlling
– cautious
– reliable