8 Warning Signs of a High-Functioning Alcoholic!

Picture an alcoholic; what comes to mind? Someone who can’t hold down a job, someone who alienates everyone in their life, or maybe someone who’s lost it all, sitting somewhere on a curb drinking out of a brown paper bag?


Forget what you think you know about alcoholism. It’s a complex disease that affects everyone a little bit differently. You can have a great job and still be an alcoholic. You can hold together your life and still be an alcoholic. Here’s what to watch for:

1. They Replace Food With Alcohol

Alcoholics will often skip meal times and replace food with drinks. Some completely lose interest in food, while others use meal times as an excuse to start drinking.

2. Not drinking may cause them to get irritable, nervous, and even uncomfortable.

This is common with many addictions. When they don’t drink they can have negative reactions, similar to how drug abusers suffer when they pull themselves off certain drugs. They may become withdrawn, anxious, irritable, or even violent. Withdrawal can also cause health problems like nervousness, a rapid heart rate, sweating, and seizures, and in some cases even death.

3. They Rarely Get Hangovers

Regularly drinking alcohol over a long period of time can cause dependency on alcohol. In alcoholics, alcohol is constantly in their blood — it never has a chance to leave their system. High-functioning alcoholics are often able to drink excessively without waking up with a hangover.

4. They can’t control their alcohol intake

While everyone else at a party or family gathering is sipping on a glass of wine or having a few beers while grilling, an alcoholic can’t stop. Someone struggling with alcoholism will drink far past 1 or 2 drinks. One drink is never enough for the high functioning alcoholic. The lure is too strong, and the craving consumes them until he or she can have the next drink , and the next, and the next. Before long, they have lost control over total alcohol intake, even though he or she still may appear outwardly normal and in control. After all, they are masters of discipline and concealment.

5. They Experience Memory Loss

Many alcoholics will participate in activities that they have no recollection of the next day. They may not appear extremely drunk at the moment, but they’re unable to recall activities, or conversations that took place.

6. They Deny Having a Problem

When confronted with questions or concerns about their drinking, alcoholics will usually become angry and deny that they have a problem. They typically refuse to engage in the conversation at all.

7. They always have an excuse

Denial and hostility, when they fail to explain away their drinking, tends to lead to excuses. They’re simply trying to evade judgement or concern about their drinking. They always have a reason for the constant drink in their hand.

8.They Hide Their Alcohol

What is happening on the surface is one thing. But what you may not know is what is happening truly. When alcoholics hide their drink they really have gotten to the dark side. That is a sign that they are drinking way more than it seems.

Whenever you notice some of these signs you ought to help that person by contacting a medical professional.