Do These 5 Minute Moves and You’ll Be Burning Belly Fat All Day Long!

For some of us, it doesn’t matter how carefully we eat, or how much we work out, we can’t seem to drop that belly fat and get our bodies back in shape. For many, this is down to a slow metabolism; essentially your body has slowed the rate at which it burns calories making the calories we put in harder to burn off!

If you’re on a weight loss journey, you may have found you no longer burn calories as fast as you could before. This is because as you lose weight, your metabolism begins to slow (your body doesn’t have as much of itself to move around as it did before so it doesn’t use energy as quickly) which can be really frustrating, but shows you’re on the right track!


Part of the metabolic rate is fixed according to the genes you’re born with, however, there is a simple, but effective workout that can help you shirk your waist circumference and get rid of belly fat by increasing your metabolism.

The workout is specifically designed to build the muscles and increase the bone mass. What’s more, the workout requires only 5 minutes of your time.

Begin with 1 seat of each exercise until you get comfortable enough and then you can gradually increase to 5 sets. Hydration during workout is crucial.


Stand with your feet together and your arms up. Hinge at the hips and bring the hands to the floor in order to keep the legs as straight as possible. Walk with your hands on the floor while lowering the butt. The goal is to reach a plank position. Then, jump the feet forwards to meet the hands. Reverse the move, go back to the plank position, and walk your hands backwards. Do this for half a minute (one set).


Begin with the feet together and then jump into diagonal lunge. Then, imagine a clock-face on the floor and try to put your right leg at 2 o’clock and the left at 8 o’clock. The feet need to be faced forwards and be careful not to let the knee jut out past your ankle. Next, jump again and switch the leg, land the left leg at 10 o’clock and the right at 4. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds between sets.


Begin in the plank position, keeping the wrists in line with the shoulders. Bend the knees and place them under the hips, with the heels lifted. Jump from side to side, making sure the heels don’t touch the floor. Then jump back to a plank position before going back to the position in which the knees are placed under the hips

Like in the previous exercise, do this exercise with high intensity for half a minute and then rest for 30-60 seconds.

Why does it work?

The secret to this workout and the reason it works is because it is interval training. Essentially, you are alternating between intervals of incredibly intense exercise for a short amount of time followed by a brief rest period which boosts the metabolic rate. Not only will this increase your metabolism, but you burn calories quickly during the exercise and for a brief time afterward too so you will be targeting any weight you do currently have.

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