5 exercises that will tighten the butt, and not include squatting!

If you don’t enjoy squats or have pain in the knees, then there are alternative exercises that will strengthen your buttocks.

This routine is designed for the 3 major muscles located in the buttocks and thus is avoided the use of knees as is the case with squats.


For exercise to be successful, for each exercise do 5 sets of 15 repetitions. For those involving the movement of one and then the other foot, do 15 on one foot, 15 on the other – it is a set.


1. Stand on your hands and knees in a position to cringe. And put weight behind right knee so that the handle is located on the crease of the knee (to make it more convenient, you can wrap the weight in a towel).

2. Balancing the weight between the calf and hamstring, lift the right knee sideways if it is possible to be at the height of the hips. Try to not lose the weight to the left – try to be equally distributed to the left, right arm and leg that you raised.

3. Hold several seconds, then put the right knee back into the original position.


1. Stand in a position to cringe. Put your right foot in the handle of spring training and the other handle hold it with your right hand.

2. The leg that is inside the handle, spread to the back so that you press the back muscles on the right side of the body. Try to keep your back flat to stretch into the leg so that the heel can be in the height with the rear muscles.

3. When the right leg will be straight and outstretched behind you, pull your foot and lift the heel of a few centimeters, pointing to the roof. Perform the exercise once and then change leg.


1. Stand in the same position as in the first exercise and put weight again on the crease of the right knee.

2. Keeping the right knee bent to maintain the weight, extend the right foot and lift it towards the roof. When you lift your right foot try to keep the back flat – do not bend and keep the weight i.e not forward.

3. Lift your leg so that your knee is at the height to your hips, and then return to starting position.


1. With right side of the body, lie on a mat for yoga so that your lower body is on the mat and the upper part relies right elbow. Your feet should be merged and your knees should be bent at a right angle. Using left hand over the left thigh lift the weights.

2. While your feet are still clasped and knees bent, lift your left knee toward the roof so that your feet resemble as a opened shell. While doing the exercise, keep your pelvis tight and push the back muscles.

3. Lower the left knee that lead to the initial position and remember: the weight should be in the same place all the time.


1. Lie on your back. Your feet should be flat on the floor, heels should be about 20 centimeters from the butt.

2. Place a weight on the hip and hold it with your hands so it doesn’t fall out.

3. As you press the back muscles, press the heels into the floor and raise your hips toward the roof. Raise high enough, but the back have to stay on the floor.

4. While your hip is in the air, pause and hold the back muscles strained while returning to the original position.

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