12 useful things that happen when you keep dog!

Dogs are man’s best friend and If you ever owned a dog or just you been hanging out with dogs from your neighborhood, you know this is true.


They are happy little creatures that are full of love and joy and can make even the worst day to be a little better with their enthusiasm and infinite love. And although they are not perfect, because urine on carpets and eat your shoes and socks, however you can’t be angry at them for a long time.

And besides that make you happy and a little depressed, having a dog has other health benefits:

1. Reduce allergies


Research shows that children who grow up with animals that have fur are under less risk of having allergies or asthma, since an early age are exposed to animal dander and fur.

2. Reduces blood pressure


Stroking the dog after a long day has power to calm down, but it can also lower blood pressure and maintain such. One study that involved 240 married couples shows that those who own pets have lower pressure and heart rate than those who do not own any pet. Another study found that people with hypertension experienced lower blood pressure immediately after stroking the dog.

3. Reduces anxiety


Dogs have a calming influence in our lives. For those who have problems with anxiety, dogs can reconcile and maintain in reality – as they need it most.

Spending time with a pet is beneficial because it reduces the level of cortisol – a hormone associated with stress. Plus, dogs give reason to focus on something positive other than their concerns.

4. Dogs encourage physical activity


Dogs need walks – depending on their size, age and race they may require sizable physical activity. And that means that you will be physically active as well. Whether it will be a walk through the neighborhood, running in the park or throwing a ball, you and your dog are physically active.

5. Assist in combating depression


Often, people who are dealing with depression are advised to take a dog. Apart from their soothing nature, dogs provide unconditional love and affection, which enhances the mood of the people. Their needs as walking, feeding and maintenance also helps those who suffer from depression because they give meaning and motivation for life.

6. Having a dog strengthens bones and joints


Walking or running with your dog means that you will be in shape and maintain your weight. It’s a great way to strengthen your bones and joints so that in future they will become less brittle. This is especially important for people at risk of osteoporosis.

7. Improve Heart Health


By exercising you reduce your stress levels and blood pressure as well, and it means you have better cardiovascular health. People who have heart attacks are more likely to live longer if they have a dog – especially men who have low triglycerides and low levels of cholesterol.

8. Strengthen the immunity


Let’s be honest: dogs tend to be disgusting – they want to biting objects to wallow and probe but absolutely everywhere. While hand washing and regular shower is fine, little exposure to germs and dirt is good for you because it encourages the immune system and protect against larger debris. This is especially good for small children because their immunity is still developing.

9. Overall improve health


Caring for a puppy means caring for yourself. Dogs that drink drugs may help to remind that you need to drink medicine and to do so regularly. The visit to the veterinarian can remind that it’s time for you to go to a doctor.

10. Opportunities for socialization


Just imagine how many times someone will ask if they can caress your dog and it will start a conversation. Dogs are a great opportunity to start a conversation in public and it will merge with people who normally would not have noticed. Social interaction has its health benefits, but your dog is a great way to break the ice.

11. Dogs can be doctors


Well, not literally, but the dogs receive a similar type of cancer as humans. A study of cancer in pets led to a better understanding and treatment of cancer in humans. Also, some labs are trying to train dogs that can smell cancer and to recognize the early stages of cancer just by using their nose.

12. Improve sleep


Many people can not imagine sleeping without their pet to be near. The simple act of intimacy is a comfort to many people. And plus, in winter, there is nothing hotter than embrace with your dog. Some people do not prefer their dogs to sleep in the same bed, but still want it to be near i.e in the same room. But in any case, many dogs mean security.