12 Things That Appear In Your Dream Have Secret Meaning In Real Life! MUST READ!

Dreams are series of images and emotions occur during sleeping. They are not controlled by the brain and add other dimension as such.

Even though many people claim that dreams are nothing more than a simple image, others believe that they are related to the events you are living at the moment and that they send hidden messages.



1. Boxes (Disappointment, secrecy and puzzle)

If you see a box in your dream then there’s a secret your subconscious is trying to reveal.

2.Falling (Loss, Worry, Risk)

This undesirable feeling means that you’re losing control over something and that you’re afraid of failure.

3. In public without clothes (Acceptance, assessment and vulnerability)

It means that you are willing to accept what others tell about you. You are vulnerable.

4. Green Color (Passion, love and healing)

When a color green appeared in your dreams in just means that you are contented and perfectly happy with your life.

5. Mud (Unrest, Immobility and Growth)

To dream that you are walking in mud means that you are worried about anything and or you feel unable to get out of a certain situation. Don’t worry and try to move on.

6. Roads (Simplicity, Fate and Travel)

Seeing roads in your dreams is a good sign. It means that you love travelling and you need to achieve your goals and desires.

7. Flying (Positivity, Courage and Freedom)

Flying is related with your positivity and making huge changes in your life.

8.Water (Uncertainty, Ambition and Risk)

Seeing water in your dreams means that you’re subjected to taking risks and prepared to use any chance that life’s giving you.

9. Hair (Sexuality and marital status, freedom)

It gives you an idea on how you should express yourself.

10. Teeth (Health, Aging and Appearance)

Having a tooth pulled means that you are afraid of aging. Don’t worry and try to get the most of life.

11. Cats( Power, Feminity and Spirituality)

Seeing cats in your dreams indicates strength. In other words, the subconscious gives hints that you are connected with the spiritual and that you are strong enough to endure anything that comes on the way.

12. Ants ( Irritability, Support and Hardwork)

This means that are person who is deeply connected with others and tries to keep a healthy relationships with their loved ones. There are people who are trying to cause some problems in your life by pressuring you.