Vitamin B17 May Treat Cancer, But is Illegal in the US!

Those who fight cancer know how dreadful this fight can be. There are thousands of experts in this field who want to discover an effective treatment for cancer that isn’t as overwhelming as radiation and chemo.


Vitamin B17 is probably one of the most known for its effects.

B-17’s History

In the 1970s, America’s war on cancer was in full swing, and Sloan-Kettering was one of the country’s leading cancer research centers.

Ralph Moss joined the center in 1974, just as they were testing Laetrile – a form of vitamin B17.

It was Moss’ first big job, and he was right in the midst of a potentially earth-shattering discovery, just as they were testing Laetrile – a form of vitamin B17.

But, Sloan-Kettering’s Board of Directors stopped the project and the research was put aside because they learned that Laetrile could be potentially harmful. After this, Laetrile has been banned in the US.

This decision was surprisingly for Moss and he tried to change the situation by calling a press conference and accusing his employer of orchestrating a major cover-up of B17 research. Unfortunately since that time Laetrile was banned in the USA.

What was the reason for the ban?

It was banned by the FDA because of highly toxicity it affected, as they stated. This statement was not acceptable for many experts, and even in jis book World Without Cancer, G. Edward Griffin – says:

“I have found no statements of demonstrated pharmacological harmfulness of amygdalin to human beings at any dosages recommended or employed by medical doctors in the United States and abroad.”

The Research Continues

Even though vitamin B17 has been banned and condemned as toxic in the U.S., researchers from around the world have continued to find positive results in clinical studies.

In 2003, researchers found amygdalin from peach pits to have an influence on tumor growth.

In 2006, it was found to induce apoptosis by regulating Bax and Bcl-2 expressions in cancer cells.

In 2013, it was found to be a potentially effective means of treating cervical cancer.

In 2014, researchers found it to influence bladder cancer tumors.

In which way you can help

The former employee of Sloan-Kettering, Ralph Moss made a petition in order his employer to reveal the evidence for the positive results.

– Don’t break the law and seek out vitamin B17 illegally and
– Talk with your doctor before any decision of using it.