VIDEO: Boost Your Internet Connection Using A Beer Can! Extraordinary Trick!

We all utilize the internet and we utilize all of it the time. Whether you are at house or at work, having a fast and effective Web connection is a crucial part of your day-to-day life.


Sluggish speeds and weak connections can be aggravating as well as expensive. As more Internet-ready devices make their way into our homes and offices, keeping your web speed up is more crucial than ever.

Well, all of us know that sometimes an easy reset can substantially increase your Web speed. You can also turn your router on and off to see if that’s useful. Simply make sure that you understand your login information in case your computer system needs you to enter it after the reset. But, often– it does not help.

But don’t worry! Perhaps you already know the tricks, that you need to place the router beside metal objects, fridges or microwaves. You ought to know that these things could decrease and deteriorate the signal. Second, you should position the router or the modem close to your laptop, cellular phone or computer.

However the best of all the techniques and the most efficient is to use a beer can.

The concept is simple.

Simply grab a can of beer and empty the contents into a glass – this can be consumed later as you enjoy your faster speeds.

Then using a sharp pair of scissors or knife, slice the can until it looks a little bit like a satellite dish.

Once this is complete, simply stick your homemade booster to your router with Blu-Tack and watch your internet speeds go through the roof.

Watch the video and follow the steps!