SALT, PEPPER and LEMON Can Solve These 9 Problems Better Than Any Medicine!

These are not only the ingredients of your salad dressing. You can use the mighty combo as a home remedy.

Moreover, many people throughout the world have used the power of three to treat common ailments. Could it be that conventional drugs are so expensive, that people try to seek natural alternatives?


Here is what you can treat with black pepper, lemon and sea salt:

Sore Throat

Get rid of your sore throat by combining 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, half a teaspoon of black pepper and a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle a few times daily to relieve your sore throat and prevent coughing.

Stuffy Nose

Combine equal parts of ground black pepper, cinnamon, cumin and cardamom seeds and grind them well into a fine powder. Smell the mixture, and watch how the sneezing will relieve your stuffy nose.

Removing Gallstones

Gallstones are formed when digestive fluids get hardened and form into deposits in the gallbladder. Gallstones have been known to cause extreme pain because they are capable of blocking the digestive system. The only treatment so far was to surgically remove them.

But people have been using natural remedies for treating this painful problem. You can dissolve the stones using 1 part lemon, 1 part black pepper and 3 parts of olive oil.

Canker Sores

If you have canker sores, you can use the following natural remedy for healing the mucous membranes in the mouth:

– Add 1 tbsp Himalayan salt in 1 cup warm water

– Swish this solution in your mouth after all your meals

It will help in destroying bad bacteria and supporting the healing process.

Weight Loss

Drink ¼ teaspoon of ground black pepper, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water if you want to speed your metabolism. Lemon’s polyphenols prevent weight gain and boost insulin sensitivity which aid in burning fat.


Your upset stomach can be soothed with black pepper, while lemon’s scent stops nausea. Mix a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of black pepper in a tall glass of warm water. Drink slowly until you feel better.

Asthma Attack

If you have an asthmatic family member, prepare this mixture and always keep it on hand. You’ll need add 10 grains of pepper, 2 clove buds and 15 basil leaves to a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer for 15 minutes and stain into a glass jar with a lid. Add 2 tablespoons of raw honey and let it cool.

It can be refrigerated for up to two weeks and taken with milk to improve the taste.


Heal your aching teeth by mixing half a teaspoon each of ground pepper and clove oil and applying the mixture to your sore tooth. To avoid toothache, floss & brush your teeth twice daily and avoid sugary or acidic foods. You can also try oil pulling for an extra deep clean.

Cold and Flu

To heal a common cold, squeeze half a lemon into a large cup of boiled water. Let the pulp and peel steep in the water for 10 minutes. Remove the lemon and add a spoonful or organic raw honey. Drink as needed until symptoms subside.


To stop a stubborn nosebleed, apply a little fresh lemon juice to a cotton ball and place it in the nostril. As you do so, make sure the patient is tilting this head slightly forward to prevent the blood for dripping into the throat and causing nausea. The nosebleed will stop in no time!