Remove All The Fat From Your Body With Only 2 Ingredients!

This amazing drink will flush toxins from your body, plus you will lose some excess pounds.


Nutritionists recommend that you take this reliable beverage right after a heavy meal, or throughout an unique diet regimen.
All it takes is 2 basic ingredients, and among them is probably stored in your refrigerator.


35 oz lemon
14 oz celery


Grate 400 grams of fresh celery root, and stir it in 2 liters of cleansed water. Include some lemon peel, and prepare the liquid for 20 minutes.

Cool the mixture at space temperature. This must take 5-6 hours. Juice the lemons, and add the citrusy juice to the cooled mixture. Stress and transfer the mix into a glass bottle.


Take a deciliter of your beverage prior to your meals, which would be 3 times a day. If it tastes too strong, drink it with some water. Keep your treatment in the refrigerator.