Going to hair salon to get your hair done should be relaxing, however, there is one reason why you should be worried, and it’s not the cost. You probably know the chair and the sink where the hairdresser puts your head to wash your hair, and it is very uncomfortable. Sadly, you don’t have to worry about the discomfort, but about the fact that this position of your head can put you in a risk of getting a Beauty Parlor Stroke.

The strain and jerky movements you experience while resting your head on the sink may cause serious damage to blood vessels in your neck, which in turn leads to a stroke. This is no joke, one woman noticed sudden weakness in her left arm and leg just one week after she did her hair at the salon. A week later she was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed she suffered a stroke. It may sound crazy but it’s true.


What is a stroke? The stroke is an illness that results of restriction of the oxygen in the brain. Once a blood vessel is either damaged or blocked, it causes abnormal blood flow or even clotting. When the blood flow is being reduced, it finds its way to the brain and manages to kill brain cells. This leads to certain physical consequences which can be different, depending on the region of the brain that it has impacted. For instance, if the damage is done in the left side of the brain, the consequences will include problems with speech and language or problems in the right side of the body. If the right side of the brain is damaged, then the consequences include vision loss or problems in the left side of the body. According to statistics, stroke is being the number 5 most common cause of death in the United States, and the number one most common cause of disability. 40 percent of the people in the USA who have suffered a stroke are men, and 60 percent of them are women. The risk of stroke increases with age. Nevertheless, eighty percent of the cases of strokes could actually have been prevented.

Here are the most common symptoms of stroke you should look out for:

– Impaired speech (may sound intoxicated)
– Loss of vision, double vision, or spinning vision
– One-sided weakness
– Drooping face

How can you prevent a stroke?

In the hair salon

Protect your neck! Make sure your hairdresser washes your hair in a sink that is comfortable for your height, or in an adjustable chair. Always rest the back of your neck on at least one folded towel (more is better) to minimize the strain.

At home

Manage your blood pressure. Blood pressure is the largest preventable factor in getting strokes. Keeping your high blood pressure in check can make one of the biggest differences of stroke prevention. Have a balanced, healthy diet. If you’re eating foods that are too high in trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium, you’re increasing your risk of stroke every day. Instead, focus on eating whole foods with healthy fat contents, flavor your meals with salt alternatives, and watch your sugar intake. For more tips you can check out this article. Get active! It’s not only about what you put in your body, it’s about what you do with it. If your daily lifestyle lacks exercise, you increase your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. If you, or anyone around you, start to experience the symptoms of a stroke, seek medical attention immediately! The faster you respond to the warning signs, the better your chances of survival and recovery.