Your phone fell in the water? Here’s how to try to save it

Read a few tips that could help you in saving your smartphone if it fall into the water.

Summer has begun, it is time for the summer holidays, and that means enjoying the pools and beaches, and despite the “basic equipment” that you bring on the beach, to most people an unavoidable subject without which they can’t go to the beach is the phone.

Before you leave on vacation we advise you to do a backup of your phone content (transfer data to your computer or uploaded to a cloud service) in case of a fall in water and a scattering of phone, you’ll permanently lose your favorite photos, videos and the like.


But even if your phone fell into the water, there is a good chance “to rescue” the phone and all data in it if you react on time.

First, quite understandably, you should immediately remove it from the water and, if turned on, immediately turn it off. Wipe the device with a dry cloth, and if the battery is removable, remove it, along with the SIM card and memory card, if inserted into the phone.

To remove moisture from the phone, you must not blow in it or attempt to dry it with a hairdryer (there is a possibility for the water to end in deeper sections of the phone) but for drying moisture it is recommended using a vacuum cleaner. After extraction of the water, put the phone in a bowl of dry rice, occasionally spin it and keep it so day or two.


In a case where the phone still has moisture, repeat the procedure again, and although the method rice is really funny, this method proved to be very successful, because the rice easily draws moisture.

Sure, there is always a chance the phone can not be saved, so if something does not work after you turn it on, then you have to take to the service … or buy a new phone.