Pay attention next time you buy a toothpaste !!!

Mostly people read the labels when purchasing toothpastes, but not too many of them read what it says on the bottom of the package. It actually reveals something that is of crucial significance.

It says if the paste has been made of organic or non-organic substances. There should be a red, blue, green, or black square which talk about the quality of the toothpaste. This is what the colors signify:


– a black square at the bottom indicates that the toothpaste contains chemicals only;
– a red square means that the toothpaste is a combination of chemical and natural substances;
– a blue square is a sign that the toothpaste contains only natural substances;
– a green square indicates that the toothpaste is completely organic.

It is okay if you even take a paste with a blue square, but make the green one your priority. Using green-square toothpaste will make a big difference for your dental health, and you’ll be able to feel the difference in only a week of using it.