Miracle in a cup: Amazing drink with secret ingredient that treat muscle pain

Regardless of whether you’ve exaggerated at the gym or you are recovering from seasonal flu, you need a an effective “loader” energy. For tired muscles and inflammation in the body will take care the natural antibiotic – ginger, which is best to mix in a delicious drink.

Ginger is a powerful Asian spice that enriches the taste and aroma of many foods.


But while he is full of nutrients – it is called even the natural antibiotic – which speeds up the recovery from colds and flu, but also frees you from muscle pain caused by exercise and running.

Nutritionists advise increased consumption of the bitter root in the fall and winter days, and chefs advise to add it to meat and fish, as a spice to salads or soup, or to prepare a tasty drink with him.

Drink with ginger for the recovery of the body:


» 200 ml almond milk
» ½ banana
» ½ pear
» 200 ml Greek yogurt
» 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
» 1 tablespoon vanilla extract


Put all the ingredients into a blender and stir one minute. Cheers!