Man gives up alcohol and added sugar and the results are amazing

Cutting out sugar, alcohol, and preserved foods from your diet can drastically affect both your mental and physical health, according to new research.

These days it seems everyone is striving for a healthier lifestyle – but does cutting out the bad stuff really make a difference?


And how much do you need to cut out to see results?

This fascinating video provides the answers – and was created by the Lifehunters team.

Challenge: Sacha agreed to cut out added sugar, additives and alcohol from his diet

They challenged their pal Sacha Harland to give up added sugar, alcohol and artificial additives for one whole month.

He started to get cranky without sugar, and at the limited things he could now eat – his girlfriend trolls him with beer and popcorn at the cinema, and his mate does the same with a massive delicious pizza.

But he stays strong, and the difference it makes to his health by the end is reward in itself.

Dropped: No more added sugar had a dramatic effect

Grumpy: Week one was difficult under the new regime

But by day 25, Sacha’s body had finally got used to his diet and his sweet tooth finally disappeared.

And at the end of the study, the results spoke for themselves.

He said: “After a month without unnatural E-numbers and added sugar, I feel fitter. I also have more energy and I have lost eight pounds.

“My blood pressure went from 135 to 125, my cholesterol went down by 8 per cent and my blood sugar is considerably less.”

Since it was uploaded on September 30, the clip detailing Sacha’s month without sugar and alcohol has received more than 2.5 million views.