Look at your palm: Do you have “M” on it?

Many people believe that the lines on the palms can discover what you are as a person, in character, virtues and faults. Reading the palm is also known as palmistry.


Palmistry has been practiced for a long time and appeared alongside Hindu astrology.

An interesting question that this skill is asking is whether your hand is inscribed with the letter “M”:

This phenomenon is not that frequent, and reveals special things about those people who have it.

If you have the letter “M” on the hand:

– You are gifted
– You have a strong intuition
– You are honest and expect the same from others
– You are not bothered from changes in life
– You know how to recognize when people deceive you
– You have the characteristics of a good guide
– You are good in journalism, writing and education
– You know how to get to money
– You know how to motivate yourself and make progress
– You are disciplined