There has been a research that discovered that men who consume 2 strips of bacon or one sausage link a day have 19% higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer that the men who don’t.

Processed meats, including sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham, smoked turkey, and hot dogs, often contain nitrates and nitrites, which have been tied to cancer.


Furthermore, meat eaters who eat three sausages or six strips of bacon daily can see that percentage skyrocket to 57 percent. The study found red meat consumption came second only to smoking in terms of risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer, with risk increasing for every 50 grams of processed meat a person eats daily.

“Pancreatic cancer has poor survival rates,” study author Susanna Larsson said. “If diet does affect pancreatic cancer, then this could influence public health campaigns to help reduce the number of cases of this disease developing in the first place.”

Sadly, only 74% of the people suffering from pancreatic cancer die in the first year after being diagnosed with it, while only 7% of them manage to fight against it and live 5 years more.

The recent survey, published in BMC Medicine explored the groups of people who consumed red meat, poultry, or processed meat.

The results showed that the connection between cardiovascular diseases and cancer with the processes meat is very tight. Finally, the researchers concluded that even 3.3% of the deaths could have been prevented if those people had consumed less than 20 gr. of processed meat a day.

The main reason for the above mentioned results are the nitrates which are being added to give the red color to the meat.

Many surveys have showed that these nitrates can be a big reason for cancer. Hence, we can conclude that the red and the processed meat have a lot to do with pancreatic and other cancers.

In order to lower the risk of pancreatic or any other kind of cancer, we should pay attention to the food we consume. A healthy life certainly means avoidance of red and processed meat.