There’s no doubt – once you try burning some bay leaves in your house, you’ll want to do it again!
We commonly use various herbs to savor our dishes without even assuming that these kitchen ingredients can also be used for other purposes as well. Take for instance, bay leaves. Probably not many of you know that the distinct smell these leaves provide has an incredibly soothing effect on the human body.
Long ago, the ancient Greeks recognized the healing properties of bay leaves and used it in their medicine.
Bay laurel is characterized by strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Among other things, it can help in the fight against epilepsy, and release the airways.
Even today, many natural medicine practitioners acknowledge the amazing health benefits of bay leaves, which include reduction of hypertension, protection against insomnia and stress, as well as control over blood cholesterol levels.
To reap the health benefits of bay leaves, you can add them to your meals when being cooked, or you can carefully light them in a heat-resistant bowl and let the aroma slowly spread around the house. Burning bay leaves is highly beneficial for relaxing your muscles, calming your mind and improving your mood.
We love to use bay leaves in cooking for its taste and fragrance, but roaches hate them. They just can’t stand the smell. We can exploit this to drive them out, or keep them away. All you have to do is place the leaves around nests, high-traffic areas (as in it gets a lot of roaches coming through) and possible entry points. You can use fresh leaves or dry leaves. Crushing dry leaves into a powder releases a much stronger smell.