Amazing Denmark Is Set To Become World’s First 100% Organic Country!

We have heard about individuals and families going completely organic, but have you heard about the latest news – there is one country that wants to become 100% organic too. The government of Denmark has declared that it will turn the agriculture in this country into sustainable and organic farming. In this way, Denmark will become the first country on our planet to become completely organic.


Denmark is at the fore-front with regards to natural items and how they exchange with the world.The legislature has figured out how to raise an unlimited 53 million euros in 2015 with an end goal to transform the nation into a 100% natural powerhouse. This is prone to be the most yearning arrangement of the century however considering the way that Denmark has effectively demonstrated it’s affection for natural nourishment, this seems to be achievable.

Denmark has always been ahead of other countries when it comes to organic food. Their nation’s organic brand is 25 years old and among the first ones worldwide. It is also good to know that the export of organic food produced in Denmark has doubled eight years ago.

In order to realize this ambitious plan, the authorities will implement it in two ways. First of all, they’ll convert conventional farmland into a healthier organic farmland. Second, they will support the demand for all-natural, organic products.

The government has two main angles of implementation: one is to turn traditional farmland into organic, while the other is to stimulate increased demand for organic products.

The aim is to double the agricultural land cultivated with organic methods by 2020 (compared to 2007), as the 67-point document explains, drafted by Økologiplan Danmark, theOrganic Action Plan for Denmark.

Not just with the legislature will be developed utilizing natural and biodynamic techniques, yet the administration will backing and fund those working and putting resources into this area, to grow new advances and thoughts that advance development.

But, who will implement these changes? It looks like the ministry, all regions in Denmark and even the cities will work together to achieve this goal. One of the first goals is to make 60% of the food used by the public organic. Schools, hospitals and public cafeterias will have to serve at least 60% organic food.