Test Your Hearing: If You Can’t Hear This Sound You’ll Soon Go Deaf!

As we get older we frequently lose the severe ends of our hearing spectrum, which is an entirely normal procedure. As you might understand, the inner ear does not have the ability to regenerate and the quality of our hearing gradually intensifies. Although this is normal there are a few things you can do to slow down this procedure, like prevent hearing too loud music, particularly on your earphones.


We understand that older people have difficulties hearing certain noises and sounds but there are some frequencies which you should hear, no matter how old you are. Our hearing starts reducing someplace in our mid-twenties and it worsens from there.

If you wish to identify “how old are your ears” and see if you require to see a doctor take the following test. If the results are not in your favor possibly you require to do something and avoid losing your hearing althogether.

Listen to the video below and test your hearing: