Instantly Improve Your Eyesight and Reduce Eye Strain With These 5 Eye Acupressure Points

Acupressure is a science with wide uses and here are a few important acupressure points for eyes or ailments related to the eyes. The eyes are an extremely delicate part of our body and yet have great control and functionality among the sense organs. Any kind of illness with the eyes not only affects our everyday life but also reduces our efficiency in doing various things. Acupressure claims that it is a science that is based on the ‘meridians’ through which energy flows and when any kind of obstruction or concentration of energy in a certain point occurs, it leads to ailments in the body.

Important Acupressure Points for Eye Health

1. The Rim of Eyes


The orb of the eye is surrounded by bones, where there are several pressure points that can help with pain or other ailments related to the eyes. The useful acupressure points for eyes in this area include:

– UB-1 (also known as Jingming): This spot is where the inner corner of the eye meets the nose. It is helpful when dealing with glaucoma, hysteria with vision loss and early stage cataracts. This is located on the urinary bladder channel.
Ÿ- UB-2 (also known as Zanzhu): Also located on the urinary bladder channel, this is located between the eyebrows, closest to the nose.
Ÿ- Yuyao: In the midpoint of the eyebrow, this point helps with worry, mental strain sometimes caused by overworking.
Ÿ- SJ 23 (also known as Sizhukong): On the triple burner channel, this spot is on the outside end of the eyebrow. It can help with facial issues and other eye problems.
Ÿ- GB 1 (also known as Tongziliao): On the gallbladder channel, the outside corner of the eye sockets where the cavity is. This helps with sore eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes and blurred vision.
– ŸST 1 (also known as Chenggi): This is directly below the pupil of the eye, on the infraorbital ridge. This is a primary point to resolve issues with the eyeball.

For each of these points, the recommended pressure is equivalent to that of a gentle massage, starting with B1-1 and continuing up and outward from that position. Each point should be your focus for roughly 10 seconds.

This can be done repeatedly at intervals throughout the day. It is recommended to practice deep breathing while you are doing the massage in order to ensure the eye is getting enough oxygen to stay healthy. Make sure to go slowly and pay equal attention to each area.

2. The Third Eye


Place your ring finger in the center of the T junction of the nose. Your finger should be between your eyebrows and right on the bridge of the nose. You can simply press the point for 7 to 8 minutes or massage it gently. Look straight ahead while you massage this point. This point will help to relax eye strain, head aches and nasal congestion. It completely relaxes the nervous system by improving emotional stress and helps in improving eye sight.

3. Bridge of the Nose


This point can be found near the bridge of the nose under the eyebrows and on the outer side of the eye socket. This point is marked A in the picture. Place your thumbs on both the sides of this pressure point and apply slight pressure. This point helps to relieve fatigue, redness and strain of the eyes.

4. Top Edge of the Nostril


Put your index finger on either side of your nostrils and massage it gently. This point is marked C in the above picture. Your finger should be placed on the edge of your nostrils. You need to press both the sides of your nostrils simultaneously. Repeat this gentle massage for 5 minutes everyday. You will be activating all the points around the eyes with this massage. This point will help to prevent unclear vision, head aches, sinus pain and nasal congestion.

5. Tip of Each Thumb


You need to sit in a relaxed position and hold your right hand with your left. With the help of your left thumb, try to rub the tip of your right thumb. The tips of your thumbs are directly related to neck muscles, which help to nourish the eyes. This is a very effective point to strengthen your eye sight. Try to massage both the thumbs regularly for brighter eyesight.