Here’s what happens when you drink coconut water every day for a week?

Coconut water is the newest health food craze sweeping the nation, and for good reason! Both coconut water and coconut oil offer some incredible benefits. So what happens when you drink coconut water every day for a week?

coconut water

Coconut water strengthens your immune system.

Simply put, coconut water makes your immune system stronger. It helps clean your body of bacteria that causes urinary tract infections, gum disease, and in some cases has proven effective against gonorrhea. It also helps defeat cold viruses.

We’d like to note that it’s important if you’re not in a monogomous relationship to be tested for STDs routinely and follow your physician’s instructions on treating them if you test positive. Gonorrhea is no joke.

You’ll have more energy.

Coconut water enhances the thyroid gland hormones, which gives you an energy boost at a cellular level. After a week of consuming coconut water consistently, you may just see a spring in your step that wasn’t there before.

Your kidneys will be healthier.

Coconut water is a natural diuretic, which is helpful in preventing kidney disease. It helps clear the urinary tract and bladder. It may even break down kidney stones.

So to sum it up, you’ll be less likely to sick, your kidneys will be healthier, and the cherry on top is extra energy. That sounds good to me! What kind of coconut water is your favorite? I personally don’t like the taste of coconuts so I sneak it into my smoothies every morning.

According to experts, you can solve several health problems during pregnancy with the help of coconut water. Drink one cup of coconut water every morning and you will balance the electrolytes whose misbalance can lead to hypertension, also known as high blood pressure.

If you drink alcohol during the night you will probably have headache in the morning. So, the next time when you exaggerate with alcohol, you will remember this ‘’savior’’ if you want to get rid of the headache. Additionally, it will also compensate for the lost fluids and you will overcome the nausea which is often related with hangover.

If you want your skin to be hydrated and radiant during the entire day, one cup of coconut water will be enough. Also, after several exhausting physical activities, you can drink coconut water and you will regain energy. It will refresh you and leave a positive influence on each body part.

Increase of energy, strong immune system, protection from bacteria and infections, weight loss… What more can you wish for?