Heinz Ketchup Banned (And Why You Should Avoid It)

After you read this short article you will never buy Heinz Ketchup ever once again. Heinz Ketchup has been banned in Isreal due to its low tomato content and for that reason can not be categorized as ketchup anymore.


These are the 3 main reasons you ought to stop taking in Heinz Ketchup:

1. It contains high fructose corn syrup

Heinz ketchup includes high fructose corn syrup made from GMO corn and according to doctors, routine users of this syrup are at high danger to deal with diabetes, heart problem and obesity.

If this information wasn’t enough to persuade you, we will offer you with information of recent research about high fructose syrup showing that is loaded with mercury– a toxic heavy metal!. Doctors warn: Stop consuming food containing this hidden contaminant!

2. It contains distilled vinegar and sugar

Heinz ketchup includes sugar and distilled vinegar as well. Each serving contains about 4 grams of sugar, one serving is about one tablespoon. For that reason, just one small tablespoon will supply you with unhealthy amount of sugar in simply one meal.

Distilled vinegar also comes from genetically modified corn which is treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides. Also, it consists of high amounts of sugar which is also GMO.

High sugar consumption without any other nutrients or fiber can cause drastic peak of blood sugar level levels. This is connected with pancreas and liver damage.

3. Heinz ketchup has no nutritional value

The last however not the least reason to avoid Heinz ketchup is that it has no dietary value. It does not consist of neither fiber, nor proteins or any other nutrients. The tiny quantity of tomato paste it includes has practically tiny quantity of lycopene.

Heinz ketchup is generally made of nothing but sugar, GMOs and chemicals and has no redeeming significance. Not just ketchup, however other dressings also are made of comparable active ingredients and they need to be omitted from your diet.

Rather, use just natural, GMO free and natural products if you want to nurture your body and improve your health.